Bespoke Adventures

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What's your dream adventure in Costa Rica?  Aventuras Costa Rica is here to design and deliver your dream holiday.  

Familia y Aventura


Familia y Aventura will give you and your family a taste of the best Costa Rica has to offer. Aventuras Costa Rica will create your bespoke family-friendly tour which has something for everyone: zip-lining for the thrill seekers to sloth spotting for the nature lovers. Our friendly, knowledgeable leaders will guide you around the top tourist spots and the best hidden-gems guaranteeing you and your family a holiday you will never forget!

Bicicleta y Aventura


Bicicleta y Aventura is the ideal family (with teenagers!) tour if you are looking for a perfectly blended cycling and surfing holiday across the enchanting landscape of Costa Rica. Our carefully selected cycling routes will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself whilst enjoying some of the best beaches Costa Rica has to offer.  

Cerveza y Aventura


Cerveza y Aventura is the ideal tour for beer connoisseurs looking to experience craft beer whilst enjoying the beauty and adventure Costa Rica has to offer.  

Amor y Aventura


Amor y Aventura is the perfect way to celebrate  love and life with a romantic adventure in tropical paradise! From horseback riding,  lounging on warm Pacific sands to relaxing in geothermal hot springs, our carefully selected activities will bring you face-to-face with Costa Rica’s lush and enchanting landscape while creating unforgettable memories with your beloved.