About Us


Aventuras Costa Rica is a small, family-run company born out of love for Costa Rica, adventure and cycling.

After years of experience in delivering educational and professional development Costa Rican immersion programmes with our mother company, our personalised tours combine the perfect mix of adventure, nature and Tico life. With Aventuras Costa Rica, you will get a bespoke holiday of a lifetime with an authentic taste of Costa Rican life.

Kate & Esteban before a 24 hour MTB race.

Meet the Aventuras Family

Esteban and Kate

Esteban will be with you every step of your adventure.  Together, Esteban and his wife, Kate, will plan your bespoke adventure.   Throughout your holiday, Esteban will be there as your driver, guide and friend.

Odilie and Eduardo

Odilie is the Executive Co-Director and Founder of our mother company, Immersion Abroad Costa Rica.  Odilie and her husband, Eduardo, will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your bespoke holiday is the adventure of a lifetime.

Odilie & Eduardo enjoying the evening.

"Special thanks to Esteban for patiently driving us everywhere for a whole two weeks, as well as organising fantastic bike rides, making sure we had great meals, checking us into our hotels and generally making sure everything ran 100% smoothly. Thanks to Kate for helping us navigate all the choices and put together a brilliant itinerary. Thanks to Eduardo for superb support vehicle services. And of course to Odie for being in the background the whole time, making sure everything went to plan!" (Elena, 2018)